24/7 Emergency Tree Care in Rowan County, NC

Welcome to McCoy’s Services, Inc., your one-stop solution for all your tree and landscaping needs in Rowan County, NC. We understand that tree emergencies can take place anytime. That’s why we proudly offer 24/7 emergency tree care to ensure your property’s safety around the clock.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service: Your Safety, Our Priority

In the event of a storm or unexpected incident, you can trust that our experienced team will be there to handle any tree-related emergencies quickly and effectively. Our family-owned business, with over 30 years of experience, specializes in dealing with complex situations that require immediate attention. From removing dangerous tree limbs to total tree removal, we’re equipped to handle it all.
Our services include promptly addressing storm-damaged trees, safely removing dead or hazardous trees close to your property, and swiftly taking care of fallen trees obstructing driveways or posing a risk to structures. Additionally, we can tackle emergency tree pruning and trimming, mitigating the threat posed by unstable limbs or branches. Rest assured, no matter the situation, our skilled team prioritizes your safety and works diligently to restore your peace of mind.
An uprooted tree that needs emergency removal

Our Skilled Team: Dedicated, Experienced, and Ready to Serve

We’re aware of the potential damage and risks associated with tree emergencies and understand the need for swift action. That’s why our skilled team is prepared to respond and rectify any situation promptly, ensuring minimum damage to your property.

We believe in an upfront approach. We offer free consultations, providing you with a detailed plan of the required work and expected costs. At McCoy’s Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on transparency, integrity, and putting our clients first. We’re ready to provide unmatched tree care, rapid response, and peace of mind 24/7.

Whether you need preventive maintenance or immediate emergency assistance, our skilled and experienced team is only a call away. Keep your property safe and secure in Rowan County, NC—contact us now to schedule your free consultation and let us show you why we’re the best choice for all your tree service needs.

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